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Always trying to be as honest and open is important when blogging, because it is something that still separates it from mainstream media, at least for now. With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, where paid posts are getting more and more common from bloggers and personalities because of just how wide and accessible it is becoming, it’s good to have a background of ethics to keep you grounded and secure. Lawrie Zion wrote a great piece on the ethics of blogging.

  1.  Be honest about what is opinion
  2. Don’t plagiarise/use others’ work without permission or correct licensing
  3. Always give credit where you can!
  4. Correct any mistakes as soon as you can
  5. Encourage a conversation/discourse
  6. Transparency is key
  7. Remember: once it’s on the internet in the public domain, it’s there forever
  8. Take responsibility
  9. Consider what you post and all possible consequences
  10. Create an online community