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Day 7 (and my last!)

Hey there, for the final time for this week!

Today’s final entry (Monday, 27/3/2017) I’ll be once again going through my media usage, highlighting the¬†Whats, Hows and Whys of how I use online media.

From yesterday evening and last night it was primarily focused on social media, while today it has focused more-so on educational sites for academic purposes.

Similar to the past week, the main sites (or apps) I visited included Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (including messenger). These are visited quite frequently, usually for brief periods of time, mostly consisting of consuming media and not nearly as much authoring. I also used the Uber app to organise a ride home, the PTV app to check public transport times. These were for practical reasons – be able to get out, socialise and be able to come home again safely. I checked my emails (which I usually do a couple of times a day, deleting most straight away that aren’t important so my inbox stays uncluttered). I have 4 different emails all linked on my phone, my RMIT student email, a hotmail account that is used primarily for online shopping and most online email subscriptions, I have a gmail account that I use for job seeking and other more professional reasons, and finally an email that I used to use with my Instagram for promoting and business purposes. I delete almost everything that isn’t uni-related or shopping related (eg. for online receipts, shipping confirmation and tracking and ticket purchases, etc). I watched a one hour long episode on Netflix – for entertainment.

I made four posts to my Instagram story, the first of which I’ve embedded as an example. This was a boomerang, with an Instagram filter and sticker applied. I also filmed a short video and two images. These were all captured on my iPhone 6, and uploaded through the Instagram app. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I like being active on my Instagram Story, so as to have things my followers can view or interact with me when I don’t post for extended periods of time.

Today I’ve used the myRMIT and blackboard to complete readings for courses, I’ve also used the online RMIT library, as well as databases such as PSYCHinfo for social research on psychology. These are all consuming media – reading, downloading articles. For one of my classes I have to anonymously contribute to a discussion board on blackboard surrounding the topic of psychology of gender – in this way I have authored content, however, it has been anonymous so no credit was given. I also used Turnitin to submit as assessment task.¬†These were all accessed on my laptop, and the reasons behind this usage were educational, so as to complete work, readings, write and submit essays and assessments.