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Day 5

Day Five, already! (Saturday, 25/3/2017)

(I haven’t been home too much this weekend so I’ve been documenting my usage on my phone and posting these a day or two later)

So! Over the past day from Friday night to Saturday night, I’ve actually done and contributed to my online media usage in a different way than my previous posts!

I used Instagram Live for the first time! It was my friend’s birthday and we went out and decided it would be a good idea to film part of the night live for our followers (it wasn’t). I don’t think it was particularly interesting content for anyone that watched, except perhaps few that we’re friends with who left comments during the livestream. Instagram Live streams can be viewed in the app, similarly to the stories, however, you can only watch what is currently being filmed and once it’s gone, it can’t be viewed again (there is a feature to download them now, but we did not opt for this). This was mostly for entertainment purposes for ourselves, rather than publishing meanwhile content. Live streaming is not brand new, it’s been around predominantly on Periscope and Facebook Live for a while. But since Instagram introduced stories, which work almost the same as stories on Snapchat, Instagram is one of the most accessible/popular apps and is potentially leaving others unnecessary because you can do most of in the one place. I have more followers on Instagram than friends on Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, so I can reach a wider audience on there, which has meant I tend to just use Instagram (with some exceptions, particularly Twitter) and not worry about the rest.

This birthday was organised through a Facebook event, which was accessed several times before arriving, so as to stay organised and up to date with what was happening on the night. I checked my Instagram and Twitter feeds regularly. I used the Uber app to get a ride home at the end of the night.

For the following day – Saturday – I checked my social media feeds as soon as I woke up, as well as the weather app to see the day’s forecast – my usual morning ritual, so ingrained in me that I don’t think about it anymore. As mentioned over the last few days, this is partly, habit, entertainment, wanting to stay up to date, and communication reasons.

As the day went on, I made a few tweets, continued to check social media. I watched a one hour episode on Netflix, as well as blackboard to complete some homework. For entertainment and educational reasons, respectively.