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my media usage (day 1!)

Day One! (Thursday March 21)

For the next week I’ll be posting daily, tracking what I do with online media. Each day I’ll be outlining my general activity (like below), or focusing on certain aspects about how I have specifically contributed or consumed online media.

In the past 24 hours or so, I’ve contributed to online media by uploading content including:

  • posted a Boomerang video to my Instagram story
  • 7 tweets (3 original, 4 replies to other people)
  • Comments on friends’ Facebook posts
  • Comments on Instagram posts

Online media that I have used/consumed in a less active role has been:

  • Youtube videos – watched mostly music videos, for less than an hour
  • Checked my Facebook feed
  • Checked my Instagram feed
  • Likes on Instagram posts
  • Likes on Facebook posts
  • Liked and retweeted other people’s Tweets
  • Facebook videos – generally cooking and dog videos – watched as well as saved, so I could look at them at a later time.
  • My Instagram feed, watched a bunch of Instagram stories for people
  • Netflix, watched 4 episodes
  • Facebook Messenger – to communicate with friends
  • Replied to Instagram stories – use of Instagram Direct Messaging
  • Use the PTV app to check my public transport to get home and to uni
  • Listened to music through Apple Music – on the train and bus, before bed, even at home.
  • Used the RMIT site, including Blackboard and the Media Factory blog to stay up to date with course readings and work
  • Went through Tumblr for some drawing inspiration
  • Checked online for store locations and trading hours
  • Checked my bank balance as well as transferring money on the Commbank app
  • Checking notifications across most apps I use
  • Check emails (and immediately delete most of them)
  • Online window shopping
  • Weather app to check the weather to decide what to wear

As you can see, for my first 24 hour period, I didn’t author or publish very much to online media, and most of my online interaction consisted of absent and passive checking of social media apps, as well as using them for specific purposes (for example weather app and public transport app), and private communication (Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messaging). All interactions were through the use of my iPhone or through my laptop, almost all through Apps (on my phone) and websites (on my laptop).

Why? Every time I’m not stimulated for a couple of minutes, I whip out my phone and refresh my Instagram feed, check my Twitter feed for anything new; desperate for anything to keep me entertained and up to date, ensuring I’m not miss a single thing. Even when I’m already watching a show on Netflix and I’m supposedly already stimulated, habit keeps me grabbing for my phone, wanting to avoid boredom at all costs, even if it costs me the ability to fully engage with a single platform. When I’m alone; between classes, travelling to and from uni, going to the shops – I’m always listening to music from my phone; as a distraction , but also as a sense of familiarity, comfort and enjoyment.

Even in the past twenty minutes since I’ve been writing this, I’ve checked Instagram 3 times, Twitter and Facebook 4 times, despite “actively” working and writing.