Analysis Three: Reflecting on the Reflection

Maintaining a blog over the past six weeks has been a learning experience, one that was filled with moments of surprise, revelation, and even exasperation. This process and reflection could potentially be developed further by extending documentation of usage. My personal usage over a single week did not have much breadth, and by gathering more personal evidence more ideas could be explored, to allow for more critical analysis. I felt that my own usage did not necessarily relate to the ideas that I wanted to express and the way that I view online media. It did not come close to answering the pivotal question, what can we do with online media, because there is just so much that can be done and I don’t personally utilise most of it within my own practices. Through the weekly readings, I’ve begun to view and analyse technology and its relationship to culture in almost everything that I do. I’m asking myself throughout my day when I interact online, Is this use of the Instagram or Snapchat stories what the app designers initially expected and am I doing these because this technology has made it so? Or has culture changed its use and it was created in response to us already doing it? ¬†While I am not a media student, implications for my own practice in the future from this process could relate to maintaining a blog and using social media for business purposes; in the past I have partnered with businesses to promote products. This could be furthered, with increased understanding of how businesses work through media.

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