Analysis One: Evidence

Over the past week I have documented how I’ve used online media. This process included recording all or most activity, usually my writing notes on my phone so I could blog about it later. It usually involved feelings of surprise and even embarrassment, at just how much I used it; for the tiniest things, to fill up every second of time, how I could barely function or go an hour without using it.

Each day I took a slightly different approach, a couple of days I merely listed all of my activity, including all the online apps I used, social media platforms, educational intranet and sites, and briefly expanded on basic reasons as to why I used it. Whether it was contributing to online media; actually writing, posting, uploading photos, videos, or consuming media; watching, reading, downloading, learning. Sometimes it was difficult to answer why I did the things I did. Entertainment? Education? Because it’s socially expected? Merely habit?

On day two I focused solely on the use of social media platform Instagram, and recorded in detail how I author content and post online through this medium and all the processes associated with it, including before and after photos from the original to the edited image that went online. On day four I made a similar post, detailing my usage of Twitter. Comparing to Instagram, my Twitter account is less public, and thus I didn’t include any examples.

On my third day of posting I listed every interaction I had with online media, including the times, detailing just how much time in my day it really takes up, as well as the wide scope of apps and websites I actually use on a daily basis that is essential to a lot of my social and academic life.


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