Day 6

Hey guys! We’re nearly at the end! We’ve made it to day six (Sunday, 26/3/2017)!

Over the past 24 hours I have used the following online media:

  • Facebook Messenger – communication purposes to speak to friends to organise meeting up
  • PTV app – checked train and tram times.
  • Instagram Story – I filmed and uploaded a video through the app from my night, I also applied a filter and a caption on the video itself
  • Commbank App – checked current bank balance
  • Twitter – consumed media, checked feed multiple times. Also authored media, posted tweets. For entertainment purposes, and to stay up to date
  • Instagram – consumed media, checked Instagram feed several times over the night and today. Liked many photos and left a couple of comments. Usually complimentary on photos of friends. Mostly for entertainment, sometimes to pass time.
  • Facebook – consumed media, watched videos, read statuses, scrolled through my feed – these are primarily for entertainment purposes, I also watched a political video, that was to stay up to date with current news and events. I shared a friend’s post about her lost cat that lives close to me – this was to help spread the word or assist in hopefully finding it. Looked up restaurant I was visiting for current weekly specials.
  • Uber App – I ordered an Uber home, practical reasons for transportation
  • RMIT site/blackboard – consumed media for educational purposes, accessed online readings, course guides and obtained assessment due dates.
  • Apple Music – listened to music through the online streaming service, for entertainment purposes.
  • Weather App – on iPhone.
  • Checked emails

Over the past 24 hours I’ve mostly consumed media rather than authored. It was also mostly for entertainment, educational and practical reasons such as getting to and from places.


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