Hey again!

Onto my third day documenting my use of online media, and I’ve tried to be a bit more specific than the previous two days. Starting my 24 hour period from about 5pm yesterday to 5pm today (23/3/2017) I recorded how and when I used different media platforms.

5:00pm: Posted 2 images to my Instagram Story.
5:30pm: Posted 2 tweets, also checked my twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds for updates from friends and other people I follow. Watched 2 videos on Facebook, including a short dog video and a movie trailer and commented on a friend’s Facebook post.
5:45 – 11pm: Checked Instagram and Twitter about 17-20 times – I usually do these together because they are not as cluttered, generally not too many posts to go through, and also usually show the most insight into what people are up to/interesting images they are sharing. Although I check them frequently, it only lasts seconds to a couple of minutes. Whereas, I only checked Facebook 3 times in that time, which is full of videos and memes, rather than many actual direct original content from people I know, and it usually takes longer to go through.
I liked 16 posts on Instagram and commented on 2 posts – both from people I know in real life.
10pm: I watched 2 episodes of a show on Netflix before bed (24 minutes episodes)

9am (next day): Checked Instagram and Twitter as soon as I woke up for about 10 minutes. Browsed the Weather app to check today’s forecast.
10:30: Checked Instagram, Twitter and Facebook more in depth on my way to uni on the train
11am: Posted a photo on a friend’s Facebook Timeline for her birthday – the photo had been taken on my iPhone 6 the previous weekend, the flash had been overexposed so I briefly adjusted the brightness on the app VSCO cam. Created and posted a Boomerang video on my Instagram Story – taken once again on my phone, a moving image similar to a GIF. Checked my story from the day before, over 1000 followers/users had viewed it.
11:30am: in the hour it took to get to uni I checked my Facebook notifications 4 times, Instagram and Twitter twice.
12:30pm: During my one hour lecture, I accessed blackboard to view the lecture slides.
3pm: Scrolled through my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds
3:30pm: Accessed Blackboard and the online RMIT library and databases to conduct social research. Also accessed Seek – job searching site, in order to view current jobs in Psychology as per one of my assessments for my social research class. These were all done for educational purposes.
4:07; 4:25; 4:47: Checked my main 3 social media apps again each time
5:00: Used the PTV app for public transport times and updates getting home, replied to Direct Messages on Instagram.

Now digging a bit deeper and looking into why I did all of these things. The vast majority of my usage was consuming media – checking the 3 major social media sites – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – I usually do out of habit and boredom. Sometimes when I find I haven’t checked them in a number of hours I actually feel good about it, and yet I keep on accessing them frequently – as a source of entertainment and to stay updated. The videos I watched on Facebook were for entertainment purposes, while checking things like the weather and train times were more practical. The direct messages was to communicate.

The media I created and posted were for different reasons. The Boomerang – partly because I like how they look and move, I posted a moving image of the book I was reading, this became a starting point for conversation with one of my followers and friends. The photo on my friend’s timeline on Facebook was to wish her a happy birthday but also make it more personal. The comments were to compliment friends, to express how I felt in a positive way.

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