Blog Case Study – Minimalist Baker

I’ve been following Minimalist Baker  (@minimalistbaker on Instagram) for about two years. I used to date a guy that was vegetarian (and eventually vegan) which led me to search for some new cooking and food ideas to try out that weren’t the meat based diet I was used to at the time, and that’s when I discovered it.

I’ve recently become vegan myself and have only just started to get into cooking regularly, and while it’s not technically a vegan blog, all of the posts are plant based, simple recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot or 30 minutes or less to prepare. So I really love that most of the recipes are super easy to replicate, adapt or learn from, especially when experimenting with a different or new diet. The blog itself is also aesthetically pleasing, including great food photography, laid out well, with different categories for recipes including hashtags, through a WordPress blog.

It works well because Dana uses friendly, casual language that is not only easy to follow but also enjoyable to read – she’s established her voice well and consistently over the years she has run it. As the food photographer she also creates engaging and even beautiful images that highlight each recipe, while John handles the technical side of blogging including design, branding and product development (all this info can be found here!).

Dana and John use a range of social media, including personal twitter, Instagram, the blog Instagram (as mentioned previously) to reach a wide audience from these areas. In the past they worked with brands they liked which could also have reached a wider audience, however, they have since stopped that.

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